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News: Speed, my 5th book with Boyds Mills Press, releases April 2019.
About Nathan Clement
About Nathan Clement Nathan Clement Profile Photo About Nathan Clement
Nathan Clement is the author and illustrator of five books published by Boyds Mills Press—the book arm of Highlights: Drive, Job Site, Speed, Big Tractor and Fly.
When crafting a book, Nathan keeps the young reader top of mind and focusses on the coolness factor to captivate young minds. Shininess, immensity, power, and unusual views are what engage young children. Simple text holds their attention and pulls in the early and reluctant reader.
He wants parents to know that he weaves a family element into every book.
Nathan received a BFA in fine art and creative writing from Indiana Wesleyan University.
About Nathan Clement
Drive "Eat" Picture

“Striking graphics. . . This offering could well be seen as the Great American Truck Book.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Clement makes a noteworthy picture book debut with this day-in-the-life story of a trucker, as told through the eyes and succinct words of his young son.”
Publishers Weekly, starred Review

Job Site
“[This] picture book should delight truck lovers every bit as much as its predecessor, Drive…Featuring the sme brand of bold digital artwork seen in Drive, this book also makes excellent use of perspective to play up the machines’ immensity and power…What more could a kid want?”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Young race fans will devour this thrilling picture book that not only details an auto race, but also uniquely and accurately demonstrates the purposes of racing flags. Sleek, colorful stock cars rumble, vroom, turn, squeal, bump, spin, and smash.”
School Library Journal

“Fast and flashy, this racing reverie will appeal to NASCAR fans as well as those who adore all kinds of vehicles.”
—Linda Perkins, Booklist

Big Tractor
“Clement is a deity of vehicular lit.”
—Susan Weitz, School Library Journal

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